Hispanic News Agency is part of Nicado Publishing Company, a national award-winning media organization based in Chicago Illinois. HINA was launched in 2007 to serve organizations interested in reaching the Hispanic community and produce high quality content for the Hispanic media, including exclusive content of a variety of topics. The founder, Clemente Nicado, is a veteran journalist, former International correspondent and named Publisher of the Year-2018 by the National Association of Hispanic Publication (NAHP).

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We can take your press release from English to impeccable Spanish and distribute it to Hispanic Media outlets.


Upon your request, HINAWire can turn your press release into a ready-for-publication, professional article. .


Our award-winning team of journalists has over 40 collective years of experience writing in easy-to-understand, generic (not country-specific) Spanish.


HINAWire creates custom content, with a 100% publication guarantee in a Hispanic media outlet.


We distribute your press release to Hispanic media, leaders, influencers, Spanish speaking journalists, and our social media platform.

Custom articles
Nicado Publishing, a national award-winning publishing company, can produce professional articles in regular Spanish to be distributed to other Hispanic media outlets and published in an NPC online publication.
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